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We design and  manufacture molds for plastic, thermosets and die-cast alloys. We manage the whole working process, from the initial design up to the final test, using up-to-date technologies. Our R&D steady activity allows us to constantly improve our product and service quality.  

We do not leave anything to chance: our action is always very accurate and punctual. We listen to every single requirement and share every working phase with our customer.


The mold design involves several stages of development and job sharing.  The collaboration with professional technical designers helps us for complex molds, allowing us to promptly and precisely reply to any requirement of our customers.


We use innovative and up-to-date machineries which enable fast processing times of the individual pieces and assure a high quality standard.  A careful resource schedule allow us to prepare precise working plans, without delays.


The working cycle does not end with the mold delivery. We have developed an efficient working system to support our customers also after the delivery, for the mold implementation and possible retrofit. The target is to get the maximum and longest performance from the mold, stretching as much as possible its life cycle.


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